Diora DFD-400 Chest Freezer – 400 Litres White - Diora Ghana

Diora DFD-400 Chest Freezer – 400 Litres White

Capacity (lt.) : 300

* Single door
* Hi-quality & effective outside compressor
* Super strong freezing capacity
* Anti-Scratch cabinet
* Automatic orientation of door opening for easy storage
* Universal castor for easy moving
* Thicker thermal insulation using advance foaming technology
* With locks, inside lights and baskets                                                                                                      * Tropical type


Besides keeping your food fresh and nutritious, Diora DFD-400, 400 litres Chest Freezer works with an impressive refrigerant, this means that your drinks and food kept in this freezer cools in less than a few minutes.

Mostly optimized for energy consumption, this chest freezer combines performance and efficiency. With its sober and practical design, it integrates with all environmental styles and offers an optimal storage volume.


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